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Thriving in a High-Rate, Low-Inventory Market: Discover LoanBot Powered by ReviewMyMortgage

The mortgage landscape is evolving, with high rates and low inventory posing challenges for loan officers. It's in this challenging climate that LoanBot, powered by ReviewMyMortgage, emerges as a beacon of opportunity. This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize how consumers shop for a mortgage, bridging the gap between home loan seekers and various mortgage program options.

What is LoanBot?

LoanBot is an exclusive custom tool designed to evolve the way consumers shop for a mortgage. It provides a personalized dashboard, allowing shoppers to self-diagnose accurate and available program options, thus simplifying their home buying journey. This innovative tool promotes transparency and engagement right from the outset, cultivating trust between loan officers and clients.

How Can LoanBot Benefit Loan Officers?

Business Growth:

In a high-rate, low-inventory market, engaging prospects and retaining customers is key. LoanBot positions you as the primary destination for past, present, and future customers, ensuring a steady flow of business.

Automated Program Selection:

With LoanBot, automate the process of program selection and education, allowing you more time to focus on closing deals.

Educational Resources:

Provide educational resources such as articles, blogs, and industry updates, keeping your clientele informed and engaged.

Subscribe & Get Your Customized LoanBot (Pricing Below)

LoanBot offers a straightforward pricing structure that provides value for money:


  • Cost
    • $149 per month with a one-time activation fee of $99.
      • Personalized dashboard for each client.
      • Automated program selection and education journey.
      • Educational resources, such as articles, blogs, and industry updates.
      • Unlimited program matchmaker.
      • Loan Officer Tool Kit.


  •  Cost
    • $99 for 15 users, $79/user per month thereafter with an activation fee of $69/user.
  • Features:
    • Includes all the amenities of the Individual plan, with the addition of team collaboration tools and discounted pricing for larger teams​1​.


  • Cost:
    • $49/month per user for 50+ users with no activation fees.
  • Features
    • Alongside the features offered in the Individual and Team plans, the Company plan includes a dedicated account manager and custom branding options, with an inquiry about white-labeling options available​1​.

These additional plans make LoanBot a scalable solution, catering to the needs of diverse loan officer setups, from solo practitioners to large companies.

What Next?

  1. Get Your Customized LoanBot: Sign up for your personalized LoanBot at and redefine the mortgage shopping experience.
  2. Learn More: Schedule a demo with one of our founders to dive deeper into how LoanBot can transform your business.
  3. Insights from the Founder: Although I couldn't access the video, I highly recommend watching the presentation from founder Mark Jones on YouTube to gain further insights into the manifold advantages of LoanBot powered by ReviewMyMortgage.

Embark on a journey towards a more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric service with LoanBot powered by ReviewMyMortgage. Your pathway to continuous growth and success in a challenging market landscape begins here!

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