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Offering a new look at the home loan process —as seen through your eyes.

The new way to start the mortgage process

We're empowering new home buyers, lifelong renters, and homeowners to explore their options from the comfort of their home.

At Review My Mortgage, we operate under the philosophy that a well-informed borrower gets the right loan program and the best pricing. We created our free mortgage review system to help hopeful buyers and homeowners assess their current situation and submit their inquiries with confidence.

We're not a mortgage company, but we do connect our users with knowledgeable lenders and industry professionals that can provide valuable assistance during the home loan journey. And how do our users know they can trust them? Because every sponsor on our site is vetted and held to a high standard that reflects our promise to our members.

Introducing LoanSMART, powered by ReviewMyMortgage

Our Simulated Mortgage Approval in Real-Time (LoanSMART) discovers the best home loan options in your area by scouring a complete national database of loan programs on your behalf. The system delivers a prioritized list of mortgage loan programs that match your homeownership goals.

By comparing the home loan programs in your review and using other tools in the dashboard, you will be able to "self-diagnose" with better information. The concise, up-to-date learning materials on the site will mold you into a well-informed and savvy borrower. One who fully understands their options, knows how to negotiate, and makes the right mortgage decisions.

Make your homeownership goals a reality (with a little help from us)

  • The only loan finder system that searches a national mortgage program database to put together a custom home loan presentation specific to your unique situation and desired property. Knowing ALL your options helps you to get the best pricing!

  • Become the loan expert. Compare purchase and refinance loan programs and narrow down your results, adjust your parameters, and review better information on your options—use our tools to find the perfect home loan option

  • Connect with real industry professionals and skip the call centers—get smart answers to your questions.

  • Educate yourself on important mortgage industry trends & information, and become a well-informed borrower.

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seasoned loan officer right in your lap.

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To inspire a new generation of homeowners by delivering a custom-tailored mortgage education experience and connections to highly rated industry professionals.

Our Mission

To educate and empower homebuyers and homeowners to navigate the home loan process with knowledge and clarity.

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Provide a platform of tools and content that guide thousands of users on their home ownership journey each year.

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