How It Works is inspiring a new generation of homeowners by delivering a custom-tailored mortgage education experience and connections to highly rated industry professionals. Our mission is to educate and empower homebuyers and homeowners to navigate the home loan process with knowledge and clarity. Our smart, intuitive system searches our national mortgage program database to put together a personalized home loan presentation specific to your unique situation and desired property. When you know ALL your mortgage options, you can find the perfect fit!

1.Get Inspired

Every journey starts with a question. And when it comes to home loans, the whole process can seem a bit overwhelming. You’ll need an experienced guide. And you’re in the right place! Luckily, there are many options and creative solutions for your financing needs and fully equips you to embark on the mortgage process with confidence.

2.Get Your Review

By giving us a little insight into your financial profile, we’ll create a custom-tailored mortgage review showing programs you may qualify for and personalized recommendations on how to meet your home ownership goals. You’ll be able to compare different mortgage programs, adjust your down payment and loan terms, and get on advice on negotiating the best pricing on your home loan.

3.Get Connected

Through our RMM PROLender & other sponsorship programs, we’re able to connect you with home lending and real estate professionals that can help guide you on your journey. You can get your mortgage, real estate, insurance, and credit score questions answered directly from our convenient dashboard. Our professionals are highly rated and thoroughly vetted—we only work with the best in the industry.

4.Get Started!

When you’re ready to take the next step, our RMM PROLenders will help you get pre-qualified for the loan program that best matches your goals and unique financial situation. By reviewing your mortgage profile, they will know beforehand how to best assist you and can provide helpful insights into purchasing a home or planning out your refinance. With our team of professionals, you’re in good hands!

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