Jun 11, 2024

CCM Latino Mortgage Originators Lead in Northeast and Southwest

Terri Santiago-Parker and Lizy Hoeffer from CrossCountry Mortgage rank #1 in the Northeast and Southwest for helping Latino families achieve homeownership.

Terri Santiago-Parker and Lizy Hoeffer, from CrossCountry Mortgage, have been recognized as the top Latino mortgage originators in the Northeast and Southwest by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). Their contributions have significantly advanced Latino homeownership.

CrossCountry Mortgage (CCM)'s professionals, Terri Santiago-Parker in Philadelphia and Lizy Hoeffer in Phoenix, have earned top rankings on the NAHREP's prestigious Top Region's list for their exceptional performance in their respective regions. They collectively assisted over 500 borrowers in achieving their dream of homeownership last year. This recognition highlights CCM's ongoing commitment to fostering Latino homeownership and supporting community growth through dedicated service and tailored financial solutions. CCM's active partnership with NAHREP and participation in L'ATTITUDE showcases its broader commitment to enhancing economic opportunities for Latinos.


The accolades for Santiago-Parker and Hoeffer not only underscore individual excellence but also reflect CrossCountry Mortgage's broader mission to support the Latino community in the home-buying process. These achievements are a testament to the positive impact of dedicated professionals in the mortgage industry on community development and individual dreams of homeownership.

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