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Understanding Today's Mortgage Market: A Breakdown for Home Buyers

Early Closure in the Bond Market: Insightful Review on July 3, 2023 The bond market started the week with an early closure on July 3rd, 2023. This Monday offered a brief trading window for bond market participants before wrapping up for the day. The U.S. bond market, along with the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, observed an early closure due to the upcoming Independence Day holiday​1​​2​.

Courtesy Trading for the Long Weekend

The bond market was open for those who wished to trade, providing what can be referred to as a 'courtesy trading day'. This allowed traders who desired to participate to do so, while also giving those who preferred to enjoy the extended four-day weekend the option to rest easy. As always, it's important to stay aware of market schedules, especially during holiday periods. At, we aim to keep you informed about such market dynamics and how they may impact your mortgage rates.

A Quiet Day for Economic Data

The only significant economic data released on this day was the ISM Manufacturing data, which drew less than half the volume compared to the previous Thursday's morning data. It was a day without significant surprises, and the market closed as quietly as it opened. However, it's worth noting that even on such quiet days, market data can have subtle effects on mortgage rates. At, we closely follow these indicators to provide you with the most accurate mortgage advice.

Wrapping Up Early

By 2 p.m. Eastern Time, the U.S. bond market had closed for the day and was scheduled to remain closed the following Tuesday due to the Independence Day holiday. As such, the day's opening commentary also served as its closing remarks. It was a quick 'open and shut' day in the bond market, reflecting the calm before the celebrations of Independence Day​​.

Making Sense of the Mortgage Market with

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Stay Informed, Make Better Decisions

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