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High Mortgage Rates Stall New Home Construction in the US

In May, US home construction slowed significantly, reaching the lowest pace in four years due to rising mortgage rates and high material costs. This slowdown affects availability and could keep home prices high, posing challenges for buyers and the housing market overall.

High Mortgage Rates Dampen Home Building Efforts

Current State of Home Construction

May witnessed a notable decrease in new home construction in the United States, falling to an annual rate of 1.28 million homes. This represents a 5.5% drop from previous figures, marking a significant downturn in the housing sector. Both single-family and multifamily construction projects saw declines. The data indicates a sluggish pace in the housing market, exacerbated by the highest mortgage rates seen in recent years.

Impact of Mortgage Rates

The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage recently adjusted to 6.87%, according to Freddie Mac. These elevated rates are increasing the cost of borrowing, discouraging both builders from taking on new projects and buyers from entering the market. This trend is reflected in the lowered sentiment among home builders, which has dipped to the lowest levels of the year, signaling cautious or reduced building activity in the near future.

Looking Ahead: Building Permits and Future Construction

Building permits also decreased by 3.8% last month, suggesting that the slowdown in construction might persist. Fewer permits indicate that fewer new homes will be built in the coming months, which could strain an already tight housing supply.

Federal Reserve's Role

Despite the market's hope for relief, the Federal Reserve has maintained interest rates, with only minor adjustments expected before the end of 2024. This ongoing policy is likely to continue influencing home building activities as builders wait for more favorable economic conditions.

Challenges for Homebuyers

The reduction in new housing starts is particularly troubling for potential homebuyers, who are already grappling with limited inventory and high prices. The scarcity of affordable homes is becoming more acute, making it difficult for first-time buyers and those with limited budgets to find suitable housing options.

Expert Opinions

Experts like Chen Zhao of Redfin emphasize the importance of increased construction to alleviate the housing shortage. However, with current economic policies and market conditions, significant improvements seem distant. Julia Fonseca from the University of Illinois suggests that the housing market's challenges are profound, affecting prices and availability nationwide.


The slowdown in home construction, driven by high mortgage rates and economic uncertainty, is likely to exacerbate the housing shortage and keep prices elevated. This trend poses significant challenges for the housing market, affecting builders, buyers, and the broader economy.

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