What Goes Into Your FICO Score?

Most of us have at least a general idea of what our credit score is, and do our best do things like pay bills on time in an effort to stay in good standing. But did you know this only accounts for a small portion of the factors FICO takes into consideration when calculating your score?

Payment History

Your payment history makes up about 35% of your score. This looks at the how you’ve handled your debts over time, whether or not you’ve had accounts in a delinquent or collections status, or any reported bankruptcies.


Maintaining a reasonable amount of debt holds nearly the same weight, accounting for 30% of your credit health. To make up this portion of your score, FICO looks at how much you owe and on what kinds of accounts. It’s important to pay attention to the amount of your available credit the monthly balance on a given account takes up as well.

Credit History & More

The other 35% of your score is comprised of the length of your credit history, your recent credit activity, and the various types of credit you’ve used over time, taking into account the duration between each account or inquiry.

Take Control Of Your Credit Score

As you learn more about the different elements that can affect your overall credit health, we hope you’ll be better equipped to take steps to either improve or maintain your score. Taking control of your credit is an essential step in the homebuying process, and has the potential to unlock lower rates, greater financing options and loan program eligibility. If you have questions about specific scenarios that may impact your FICO score, one of our expert loan officers is happy to help. Click here to connect with the best in your area today.