Small Improvements That Make A Huge Difference

Home improvements don’t have to be costly to add value to your home. Whether your intention is to make updates that will allow you to live in the home longer, or for resale purposes, it’s important to consider which are likely to give a return on investment, and which you can put on the back burner for a bit longer. These are some of our favorite ways to bring some new life to your home without much of an investment of time or money.

A Good Deep Clean

This is by far the easiest way to liven up your home, and provides a “blank canvas” so to speak, and can spark creative inspiration in a way that a cluttered or dusty room simply cannot. When in doubt, start with a deep clean.

Purging and Storing

Getting rid of old belongings is another obvious way to rid your home of outdated or unnecessary items and open up your space. Selling off old things is a great place to start, and can also help cover the costs of additional updates you choose to make.


Small things like simply replacing the shades on a light fixture is an easy task to tackle on a budget and can bring new light to a room (pun intended). Replacing cabinet hardware is another quick and easy task that can help revamp a kitchen or bathroom is another inexpensive job that even a novice can knock out in a spare hour. Helpful hint: If the style of your hardware still works for you, but the finish is a little dated, a can or two of spray paint can get it done for less than $15. You can find spray paint formulated specifically for use on metal at your local hardware store.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Speaking of paint, a fresh coat of a neutral color is another easy and inexpensive way to brighten up a room and transform a space to feel like new. The key word here is neutral, however, especially if your intention is for resale. Trust us on this one. Neutral.

…But Don’t Stop There!

Even if there are more cumbersome improvements or renovations in your future, starting with the basics can help you establish a game plan and make room for you to work with. Whether you’re just looking to change things up or are preparing your home for the market, these are surefire ways to make the most of even the smallest of investments.